Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate

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Sizes : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L and 4 L
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Liquid and slightly viscous surfactive, light to yellowish. This very soft surfactant is derived from fatty acids of coconut oil and glutamate, a most abundant amino acid in the structural (collagen) protein of human skin. 

INCI : Disodium cocoyl glutamate (or sodium cocoyl glutamate lwhere the pH is below 8)

Comparative table of surfactants

Properties : It produces a concentrated, creamy and elastic foam, even in hard water. It gives a silky texture and reduces irritability. It also has excellent safety and biodegradability. It maintains cleaning performance and dispersing power in hard water. Its cleaning power is equivalent to that of fatty acid soaps, but it leaves the skin very soft and fresh. Therefore, it becomes an excellent choice in skin cleaners for the skin. It also makes hair soft, silky and easy to comb.

Uses : Shampoos, shower gels, liquid soaps, cleansing lotions, facial cleaners, babies care, detergents for silk and wool

Concentration : From 1.5 to 15%

Advantages and characteristics :

  • Super soft surfactants derived from amino acids, without sulfate
  • Excellent foaming power
  • High cleaning performance even in hard water
  • Creamy and elastic foam: gives a silky and invigorating feeling
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • As co-tensioactive, can strengthen foam, reduce irritation and improve sensory attributes
  • Naturally
  • Hypoallergen and non -comedogenic
  • Strong capacity for hair and skin
  • Improves painting capacity to hair

Formulation advice :
To be used in a formulation whose pH is acidic (less than 7.0)
To be used with non -ionic surfactants, such as glucoside coconut, the Glucoside decyl and the glucoside lauryl.

Also compatible with the Cocamidopropyl Betaine and creates a very interesting synergy with the sodium cocoyl isthionate.


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Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet (English)


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