The Souls Flowers offers you a wide range of herbalist products that will meet all your needs. Our mission? Offer you as many products as possible in the same place, promote local purchases, marry science and tradition, encourage the autonomous and free health.

For those who make their products themselves, do not look for! We offer superior quality products to very competitive prices. Some of our products are ordered in the United States and France, but we are doing our best to work with Canadian distributors. In addition, we are proud to collaborate with local herbalists for our quality dried plants Quebec, our plant extracts and some of our hydrosols.

Would you like to learn the secrets of herbalism, aromatherapy and manufacturing? Easy with herbalist school Souls Flowers ! Our training, courses and various workshops are offered online, which allows you to learn in the comfort of your home, whether you are in Canada, Europe or Africa. We also offer workshops, courses and training on site, to our premises in Sainte-Adèle in the Laurentides. To complete it all, Free educational videos You are offered on the online store souls.

More and more green!

Each year we take several steps towards a greener company to join our values and yours. This is why we use ecological printers, recycled paper and recycled packaging from merchants in the Laurentians. We compost, we now have recyclable bags and soon metal caps on our bottles which have a better recycling rate. We clean up our plastic containers to keep only what is necessary. We are reducing the supply of products containing palm oil derivatives and replacing them with greener ingredients. In short, we are green and want to be more and more so, one step at a time!

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Marie-Christine Vallières alias Savoyane, owner and founder of the souls flowers, is herbalist therapist, manufacturer herbalist, family aromatherapist, bachelor in anthropology and initiated to spagyria (plant alchemy). She sat 8 years on the board of directors of the herbalist guild, the association of medicinal plant enthusiasts in Quebec, among others as president.

It has been manufacturing its natural products since 2002 and has been making the manufacture of plant-based products since 2004. She has been studying alchemy of plant alchemy since 2008 and practice since 2020. Mother of two young children, Marie-Christine officially launched her First line of homemade products in 2009 and offered courses in his kitchen as well as the herbs boot, at Noblessance and the budding alchemist in Montreal. She led her business to another level in 2013 and settled in the Laurentians in 2014. She is now devoting herself to school Souls Flowers and the practice of spagyria. She works from the house where she has her office and her laboratory, which allows her to devote quality time to her family while living in herbalism, her passion.

Marie-Christine has and follows the following training:

- Therapist herbalist diploma, Herbolist academy

- manufacturer herbalist diploma, Herbolist steeple

- Diploma scientific aromatherapy, Herbolist academy (Maurice Nicole Quebec Aromatherapy Scientific Institute)

- vegetable alchemy (and several other alchemy workshops), with the alchemist Patrick Burensteinas

- ALCHEMICAL HERBALISM, School of Evolutionnary Herbalism

- The Vitalism Herbal Practioner Program, School of Evolutionnary Herbalism

- Biology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, Khan Academy

- Advanced diploma in organic science, Formula Botanica

- Essential Oil Safety Masterclass,Tisserand Institute

* * *

Myriam Leduc alias Calendula, owner-partner since 2019, has teamed up in this great adventure to take care of the online store. Accredited massage therapist, herbalist and entrepreneur, she created the company jars to skin in 2015 to offer a range of natural beauty product in local shops. The products are available online here. A graduate in Guijek in 2003 in Swedish and neo-Reichian massage, Myriam always has the happiness and well-being of others. A graduate of the souls flowers in 2017 as a herborist-artisan, she discovers a new passion where creativity rubs shoulders with health and nature. She subsequently followed an entrepreneurship training to better understand the challenges of a business. Myriam is a resourceful, attentive, creative and in love with nature. She is a mother of two beautiful big girls who really like to test the new confections and who often surprise her with their knowledge on the benefits of medicinal plants.

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The Souls Flowers are a local and friendly company that invites you to discover the wonderful world of medicinal plants and natural products on a daily basis.

Our team of young shoots

Eleonore alias Nettle, our super and extra ordinary managers

Tania alias Mullen, Karine alias Spirulina and Émilie alias Marshmallow

Here are the flowers that treat, check and pack your products and your orders with love.