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Frequently Questions Les Ames Fleurs

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Our profession

Are you herbalists?

Marie-Christine is herbalist craftsmanship and therapist, Myriam and Éléonore are artisan and family herbalist graduates of The School of Herbalism Les Souls Flowers. Tania and Karine are graduated herbalist crafts alsoThe School of Herbalism Les Souls Flowers.

Do you give healthy advice?

The least possible. For legal and ethical reasons, we cannot advise you on your health, particularly outside a consultation and via email. We strongly recommend consulting a therapist herbalist to obtain an appropriate, effective and safe health, treatment and monitoring. You will find a list of therapist herbalists accredited by region on the website of the Herbalist guild.


We no longer offer a consultation for the moment, please refer to the list of therapists accredited on the site of the herbalist guild.


Our online store

Can I come and shop at your shop?

No, sorry ! We are an online store only. You have to place your order online absolutely. It is a choice of life, we do not want an office schedule and we want to spend time with our children, thank you for your understanding!

Can I recover my order on site?

Yes ! We have an order picking schedule and we can welcome you to our premises at 2795 rue Rolland in Sainte-Adèle, in the Laurentians.

To consult our schedule Click here

Can I have my order delivered?

The fixed delivery costs will be indicated when you go to the checkout.

Fixed costs by provinces

Quebec and Ontario 10,75$
East and West province 15,00$
Northern province 20,00$

*** Delivery is free for orders of $ 120 and more taxes (package of -10 kg only) for the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. ***

When your package weighs more than 10 kg free delivery is no longer available. You must choose the option with the overweight costs that appears. Depending on the weight of the package, the costs will be indicated when going to the checkout.

Provinces 10kg + 20kg + 30kg + 40kg + 50kg + 60kg +
Qc, we 15,00 $ 30,00 $ 45,00 $ 60,00 $ 75,00 $ 90,00 $
AB, BC, MB, SK 30,00 $ 45,00 $ 60,00 $ 75,00 $ 90,00 $ 105,00$
NB, NS, PE, NL 30,00 $ 45,00 $ 60,00 $ 75,00 $ 90,00 $ 105,00$
Nt, naked, yt 40,00 $ 60,00 $ 80,00 $ 100,00 $ 120,00 $ 140,00$

 Deliveries are made through Canada or Purolator posts depending on the prices. Your package will be sent to your local post office if it contains vulnerable products.

I am in France or outside Canada, can I order for delivery?

No sorry, we only deliver to Canada!

Accepted payment methods

We accept the following payments

  • Credit card (visa, mastercard, American express)
  • Apple Pay and Shop Pay
  • Paypal
  • Interac transfer (sent by email)
  • Cash (choose the certified check payment option) Silver payments are available for Picking only
  • Check (we process the order only upon receipt of payment)

Treatment times

We will process your order within 2 to 4 days of your order. Please calculate an average of 1 week to receive your order.

Can I add a product to my order?

Yes only if your order is not yet processed. Please contact us as quickly as possible. Give us as much information as possible. The number of your order, the product name and the desired quantity. By phone at 514-258-8108 or by email 


Les Souls Flowers herbalism school

Why choose your school?

We specialize in short and affordable training. Herbalist training can be long and costly and not suit everyone. We offer training that does not exceed $ 2000 and which are done well in a part -time year. We do not require superfluous lessons and we focus on the essentials, depending on the specialty chosen. Our tutors are experienced herbalists who will follow up for all your questions. We are available and respond quickly to the discussion forum available to you. We also understand the small problems or changes in life and we know how to adapt and offer you solutions that meet your needs. Our courses are professional, cordial, detailed, fun and regularly updated.

Do you provide a diploma for training?

Yes, once all the evaluations are completed. The diploma allows you to check your knowledge. Note that herbalism is not a recognized profession in Quebec, but herbalists appear in the list of health health professionals Canada.

Do you offer ballots?

No, we do not work with a notes system. We bask our efforts on understanding and learning with the heart, not by heart. In case of misunderstanding, we discuss it and we find solutions until success!

Do you offer letters of certificate for à la carte lessons?

Yes, on request, with evaluation and costs of $ 25.

Are you a recognized school?

The Quebec Ministry of Education does not recognize herbalist schools. However, we are a private school accredited by the Ministry of Revenue as a non-university post-secondary school. We are members of the herbalist guild, but we do not form a therapist, so are not a member of the professional wing.

Do you take charge of the courses?

For workshops and courses yes, but training being recognized by Revenu Québec, they are not taxable.

Do you provide tax receipts?

Yes, for training and taxes in Quebec only. The receipts are issued and posted in February each year.

What are the possibilities of jobs with your training?

Most of our students become self -employed and build their own clientele. You can also work in natural food shops such as advisers or in herbalism. Our training is above all like autonomy tools for you, your family and your loved ones.

What training should I choose?

If you want to make products: artisan herbalist.
If you want to specialize with animals: Animal herbalism.
If you want to know all the secrets of the plants: family herbalism.
Note that we do not form therapists or clinicians.

Can I be credited with lessons?

Of course. We do not load anything for the credits, please provide us with the evidence.

Can I have your lessons credited to other schools?

You have to see with them! Normally yes with the herbothèque and the herbolist academy. You could also complete a course to become therapist by combining our lessons with those of other schools.


Online school

I am in France or outside Canada, can I register for distance learning?

Yes quite ! The courses are all online and accessible regardless of your location. No need to move, everything is done remotely.

Will I receive my lessons in paper format by post?

No, we made the decision not to have the lessons printed. They are all available in PDF format when you connect to your account on theLes Souls Flowers herbalism school (downloadable and printable).

Are there any videos?

We offer Video capsules on the online store. We also offer videos and audios to our students to support their online courses.

Do I have limited access to lessons?

Once the course is purchased, you can connect to your account and have access to a downloadable PDF of the course and to a discussion forum to exchange with the tutor and the other students. This access has a duration of 180 days after your registration.

What is the deadline for putting my homework?

There is no delay, it is each their own pace!

Pui- I make payments when I like it?

For training, you can pay in full or monthly payments of 6 or 12 months.

I can no longer follow my training, can I be reimbursed?

We do not refund for workshops, courses and training paid and received. If you are not satisfied with one of these products, contact us to explain your reasons. If they are valid, we will be happy to offer you another course for free. If you want to cancel the order of a course that has not been received, write to us and we will reimburse you. If you want to cancel training in progress, you will not be refunded for the courses received. Our policy of reimbursement of workshops, courses and training is in accordance with the law on consumer protection.



How to register?

Everything is done online !

Can I pay on site in cash?

No, payment is only online (credit card or paypal).

What should I bring?

Only a pencil! We of course provide the course notes, all the equipment and the products, if applicable.

Do we make products in class?


Do you give lessons elsewhere than in your premises in Sainte-Adèle?


Do you give lessons in summer?

No, except for some outings.

Are there other dates than those displayed online?


Do you give private lessons?

Yes, Contact us. We offer private lessons on our premises only, no trip. The hourly rate is $ 65 for manufacturing courses, for blocks of 3 hours during the week of day.