Body care

Body care


Some of us take a lot of time on the care given to our face. But when is it body care?

Envelopment and body exfoliation are the most offered in spas, after massages of course. Their purpose is to hydrate, purify, stimulate and soften the epidermis.


Body exfoliation

Rapid exfoliation of the feet to the bottom of the blow must be done first, to prepare the skin to receive all the benefits of wrap. Before making your exfoliant, here is some information on the different ingredients.


Which exfoliant to choose?

Sweet exfoliants: Jojoba ballsbaking soda
Mainly used for facial care where the skin is more sensitive.


JOJOBA Turquoise ball


Light exfoliants: Sunflower, seeds Or vegetable powders.
Allows you to integrate plants into your recipe.

Cranberry seed

Average exfoliant: Apricot core powder
Versatile, it can be used as much on the face (normal or oily skin) as on the different Parts from the body.

apricot core powder

Melting exfoliants: Sugar or salts
Perfect for scrubs and products that are easily cleaned.



Strong exfoliant: Ponce stone powder
For the areas of the body or the skin is thicker, such as feet or elbows.


The most popular body exfoliants in spas are made from sugar or salt. They melt when rinsed, which facilitates cleaning. Combine is the powder of apricot nuclei or the stone powder for more in -depth exfoliation.

You can create an exfoliant with any bases: gel, butter, oil, cream. Let your imagination go!


Recipes of body exfoliatants based on plant butter

The chocolate fondant exfoliant
The apricot exfoliant


Body exfoliant recipe in an oil base

70% of salt and \ or fine sugar
20% ofCarrier oil a choice (maybe a mixture)
5% of vegetal glycerine*
4% of the additive of your choice (clay, apricot core powder, Ponce stone powder, plant powder, etc.)
1% of Vitamin E (antioxidant to slow down the rancid of oils)

*In this formula, glycerin is essential. She will prevent the exfoliant from hardening and taking in bread. It also has a very pleasant softening and hydrating effect on the skin.


Cream -based body exfoliant recipe

90 to 98% of our base Bodily lotion
2 to 10% of the exfoliant of your choice*

*Please note, the melting exfoliants are to be avoided in the cream because it contains an aqueous phase which dissolves them.


Body wrap

Once the exfoliation is completed, it is time to carry out the wrap. The latter is a little more complex to make at home, as you have to wrap the body with a plastic film and a hot blanket for about 20 minutes. The plastic film allows the product to stay stuck on the skin and prevents the wrap from drying. Tissues rolled up around the body can replace plastic film or search for compostable or biodegradable dandruff. Heat allows better absorption of nutrients, helps relaxation and muscle relaxation, as well as the elimination of toxins by opening skin pores.

Enveloppement is often made from seaweed, mud or clay, which are rich in nutrients and/or trace elements and/or minerals. It can also be based on chocolate, honey or medicinal plant powders.


The benefits of wrapping

It all depends on the ingredients chosen, but in general an envelopment is hydrating, softening, toning, firming, nourishing, mineralizing, exfoliating, stimulating (awakening), muscle relaxing, detoxifying, revitalizing and cleaner. It also stimulates cell renewal.

Among flower souls, we sell a Quebec honey envelopment flavored with rose.

This body wrap is hydrating and antioxidant, then it facilitates the regeneration of skin cells and absorbs impurities. Honey is an emollient that helps the skin retain hydration and the cool and flexible leash. Its antibiotic and healing properties make honey an excellent skin purifier. He treats imperfections and calms inflammation.


Our latest novelty is Manicouagan's marine clay.

A local product with lots of interesting properties combining, those of clay and seaweed.

Extracted under a peat bog in the Manicouagan peninsula, this marine clay is unique. A name INCI He is specially intended for him: Manicouagan Sea Mineral Clay. Its content in silicates, iron oxides and alumina is higher than that of the mud of the dead sea. And it's a local product in Quebec! This marine clay contains minerals such as sodium, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc which are very beneficial for the skin. It is revitalizing by its richness in trace elements and vitamins which are absorbed by the skin.

Naval clay

Manicouagan clay wrap recipe

For a complete wrap:
3/4 of marine clay cup for 1/4 cup of liquid liquid (hydrosol, distilled water, juice or aloe gel, vegetal glycerine).
The texture must be that of a pancake dough, is liquid, but not too much to facilitate its application.

Make the mixture when wrapping, because its lifespan is short.


Attention! Certain wraps can create skin reactions (significant redness, burns, small pimples) or allergic especially if they contain essential oils or algae. Like any cosmetic product, it is advisable to do an allergy test and listen to your sensations during treatment. At the slightest discomfort, clean the wrap. Choose accredited health professionals to provide you with security care.


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