Soy wax organic

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Formats: 1 kg or 2.5 kg
Bulk size : 11.33 kg *of F$ 15 overweight per box apply for delivery. Provide a delivery time of two to three weeks.

INCI : Hydrogenated Soybean Oil 

Shape : Lozenges
Color : Cream

This soy wax is natural and organic. It does not contain oil or paraffin, pesticide, herbicide or other toxic products. It is designed for the manufacture of container candles, including massage candles. It is not suitable for making floating candles and platform heaters (Tea Light). This wax is easy to use, it tolerates colors and fragrances well.

To know…

For the candles to unmold, we advise to add a touch of stearic acid, or any other fatty alcohol (about 5%) to harden it and thus facilitate demolding. Not suitable for rigid molds and with many small details.

Use : 

  • Heat the wax to 71 ° C (160 °F).
  • Add your fragrance Or essential oils (up to 10% maximum).
  • Pour into your jars When the wax temperature reaches 45 ° C (110-115 °F).
  • Leave your candles time to cool and avoid cooling them too quickly, as it can cause occasional shrinking and evacuation holes.
  • A two -week drying period is recommended before using the candle.

Uses: Candles, massage candles

Note on the use of essential oils: 

To avoid burning your essential oils, do not increase the temperature too much and check on the internet the flash points of your essential oils. These points differ a lot from one company to another, but they will give you a little idea. 

To learn more about the subject: Demystify the flash point of essential oils in a candle.


Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet (English)


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