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Large grain salt from the Himalayas mountains. Has more than 80 minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, copper and iron. Considered the purest salt of all.

INCI : Himalayan Pink Salt

Properties : Relaxing, detoxifying, stimulating circulatory, calms muscle pain, good for arthritis, skin irritations, cold symptoms and fever.

Use : Is used as is.

Concentration in the bathtub: 2 cups. Never addessential oils Directly in a bath salt, at the risk of incurring burns in the bath. Dilute them first in a Carrier oil or in a Dispersoning for essential oils.

Uses: Baths, exfoliants and cleaners, soaps and shampoos.

Recipe :

Invigorating bath salt (for a bath)

First dilute the lemon essence in sunflower oil, then add the mixture and ginger powder to the Himalaya salt. Mix everything and pour into the bathtub. This bath salt, in addition to invigorating and stimulating blood circulation, has a completely exquisite aroma that will appeal to the female as well as male.

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