Epsom salt

Product Description
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Sizes : 1 kg or 5 kg
Bulk size : 22.68 kg *$ 30 overweight costs for delivery apply. 

Epsom salt contains several minerals, including magnesium. White salt, thinner grains than sea salt.

INCI : Magnesium sulfate

Properties : Anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, calming of the nervous system, reduces perspiration, muscle relaxing, exfoliating. Absorbs hair fats for silky and healthy hair.

Use : Is used as is.

Concentration in the bathtub: 2 cups. Never addessential oils Directly in a bath salt, at the risk of incurring burns in the bath. Dilute them first in a Carrier oil or in a Dispersoning for essential oils.

Uses: Baths, exfoliants and cleaners, soaps and shampoos.

Recipe :

Single -use face cleaner

At the end of the day, clean your face with this mixture by massaging circularly, then rinse with lukewarm water.

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