Product Description
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Size : 100 g or 500 g

Product 100 % extract from the birch bark. Gives your tooth paste recipes a sweet taste.

Incentive : Xylitol

Properties : Fight dental caries, viscosant agent

Application: Natural toothpaste

Recipe for 100 ml of toothpaste :

50 g Ca-MG powder
25 g of xylitol
25 g extra virgin coconut oil
20 g of bentonite
20 g peppermint hydrosol
5 g sodium sarcosinate sodium
0.7 g of menthol crystals

In a bowl, mix the Ca-MG powder and bentonite. In a saucepan, heat the glycerin, the sarcosinat lauroyl sodium over low heat, the peppermint hydrosol, add the xylitol and the menthol crystals (dissolve them completely), then the extra virgin coconut oil and liquid minerals. Pour the liquid mixture into the bowl containing the powders (make a well, like a cake).

If you want a more liquid texture, simply add hydrosol to taste. For a solid toothpaste, add powders.

Variant: You can omit menthol crystals and rather choose to add 20 drops of essential oils or natural flavor (we offer several fruity flavors for children).

Other variant: Replace a share of CA-MG powder with horsetail powder (rich in silica).


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