Vanilla organic - oleic extract

Product Description
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Size: 100 ml (Aroma-Zone product)

Maceration of Bourbon vanilla pods organic in sesame oil organic deodorized. This oil has a powerful and sweet scent of vanilla, which earned it its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Protector and nourishing, it is used wonderfully to prepare massage oils.

Conservation: Oil is sensitive to oxidation and keeps cool in the shelter of light and the refrigerator after opening.

Quality: Deodorized sesame oil

Part: Vanilla pod organic 

Origin: Madagascar (vanilla organic) and Mali (Carrier oil sesame organic)

INCI: Vanilla PlanifoliaSesame indicum oil

Skin properties:

  • It scents in a very gourmet way.
  • Deposit contributes to elasticity.
  • Very penetrating, it leaves a dry and satin touch.
  • Discount and nourishing, it maintains hydration.

Hair properties:

  • It delicately perfumes.
  • It improves shine and flexibility.
  • He nourishes the hair.

Add the mist sprayer 24-410  to your cart to facilitate its pure use.

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