Thyme - Alcool extract -20%

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Latin nameThymus vulgaris

Fresh leaves/ Alcohol 50 % 1: 4

Quebec product 

Plants from cultivation without chemicals, 100 % pure and natural.

Properties : Antiseptic, mucolytic, expectorant, respiratory decongestant, immune tonic

Indications: Infections, colds, flu, nasal congestion


Syrup against cough : Attention ! If it ist of a children's syrup, prepare a mixture of glycéres including 25 % maximum of this gully of Coltsfoot. 

Our dyes do not have a natural product number (NPN). According to federal law, a health professional (including a herbalist) can sell his therapeutic products as part of a consultation with his client. For this reason, our herbalist will communicate with you for a short consultation shortly after your purchase.

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