Les molécules amusantes Tome 1 (french)

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When to discover the science of essential oils becomes a game

A brilliant book to better understand, in an imaginary and colorful way, the aromatic molecules of eight molecular families and the therapeutic properties of 70 essential oils!
The innovative approach to this book on essential oils will attract any reader, whether therapist, experienced or novice, and for whom knowledge of molecules is not usual.
We know that understanding the aromatic molecules is a must for those who want to understand "aromatherapy" and make the most of these plant quintessences. So how to simplify this learning without having to undertake in -depth training? From this questioning was born a new playful approach developed by the author of this work, Sonia Blondeau. 
Through this book, it makes more accessible what already exists by offering an intuitive method which allows you to better assimilate an often difficult information.
It thus gives validated basic concepts that can be found in scientific works concerning aromatherapy but that it organizes differently to make the bridge between the science of essential oils and their daily use.
In this first volume, (Volume 2 also available), the author is delighted with molecules of eight molecular families through anecdotal stories combining colors and logos that help retain aromatic molecules and therapeutic properties of 70 essential oils. 
If your desire to learn or your curiosity joins our passion for essential oils, reading this work on the road to aromatic molecules will undoubtedly seduce you.

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