Synergy of hair organics oils

Product Description
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Sizes : 120 ml, 250 ml and 1 L

This mixture of 7 organic vegetable oils is wonderful for hair. Use this synergy in hair oil bath (to be applied over the entire length of the hair), as a basis for treatment of the scalp or in care for stray tips without rinsing.

INCI/Ingredients : Beaver oil (castor oil organic), Olea Europaea Fruit oil (olive oil organic), Cocos Nucifera oil (coconut oil organic), Plantago Major extract*(Macerated oil plantain organic), Sunflower Seed oil* (sunflower oil organic - Solvent for theMacerated oil from Plantain), Sativa cannabis seeds oil* (hemp oil organic), Brassica Nigra seed oil (mustard oil organic), Jojoba Wax (jojoba oil organic), Tocopherol (vitamin E)

*Quebec products

Some ideas…

For 100 ml of synergy

Oil bath
Leave to stand for 3 hours by covering the hair with a towel, then washing with a soft shampoo.

Scalp treatment
Switch on the scalp slowly to penetrate the synergy, let stand 10 to 20 minutes 

Then wash with a soft shampoo.

Treatment of tips
On dry hair, oil The point of a hazelnut of synergy and make penetrate while massaging.

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