Magnesium stearate

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Size : 25g, 100g and 500g

Magnesium stearate, natural source product. Viscosity agent.

Description : Magnesium Ester mixture (magnesium is naturally present in metals) and stearic acid (derived from vegetable fats). Pharmaceutical grade products. Fine white powder with light smell, soluble in hot alcohol and in oil, insoluble in water.

Incentive : Magnesium stearate

Properties : whitening and opacifying agent, promotes viscosity, emulsifier (however, cannot be used alone), lubricant.

Use : Add as such in dry preparations, then in the fatty phase of liquid products (can also be added to hot alcohol).

Applications : makeup, creams and lotions, ointments and ointments.

Recipe : Liquid eyeliner

This recipe gives 3 8 ml bottles.

1.35 g (2.5 ml) Candelilla wax
1.35 g (2.5 ml) beeswax
1.48 g (2.5 ml) stearic acid
18.45 g (22.5 ml) Jojoba oil
0.3 to 0.6 g Vitamin E oil

2.45 g (2.5 ml) Black (or other) oxide
1.13 g (2.5 ml) Micas of your choice (often black)
1.73 g (5 ml) magnesium stearate
2.13 g (5 ml) Sericite

1- Prepare phase B by mixing all the ingredients together then put aside.

2- Make shudder with the pan in the pan and place your little saucepan in it to create a marie bain.

3- Starting with the waxes, place the ingredients in phase A in the small saucepan and liquefy everything.

4- Add phase B to phase A and mix using a mini whip.

5- Using a 5 or 10 ml syringe, take the liquid and bottle in the bottles for Eyeliners.

6- For better results, wait a week before using and apply to the eyelids after the eyeshadow.

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