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oleic extract flowers and buttons St. John's wort Fresh in sunflower oil organic of Quebec. THE St. John's wort is cultivated organic, without pesticide or herbicide, with a lot of love in the gardens of Églantine Vignon (Canton-de-l'Est, Québec).

INCI : Hypericum perforatum extract, Helianthus Annius oil

Properties : Module inflammation, calms muscle pain, antiviral. Protection against UV rays (gradually start, read below).

To know...

The Millerpertuis: Photosensitiser or not?

Several people believe that the St. John's wort is photosensitizing. In fact, the oil St. John's wort would stimulate melanin and our own natural protections against UV rays. This phenomenon was observed by several herbalists, mainly in the United States. We are some herbalists in Quebec to have tested it for many years and have obtained excellent results. That said, it is essential to make it progressive use. There is no study on this subject and some herbalists prefer to abstain.

For the sake of education, we have brought together some of the beliefs related to photosensitivity to bring some nuances:
  1. The cows that eat them make photosensitivity stains.
    Shades: We are not cattle, the comparison is not valid.
  2. Studies have demonstrated photosensitivity in patients in depression which had received hypericin by intravenous (these patients had then been placed on tanning tables).
    Shades: Hypericin is an active ingredient in St. John's wort, but not the only one. We suggest applying the oil externally, the use is completely different.
  3. During picking, several people had photosensitivity stains after stabbing their skin with powder Mallow flowers.
    Shades: Indeed, some people may have this reaction, but it is not in this way that we suggest using the St. John's wort. This reaction was also observed by Aboriginal people.
Pharmacist Jean-Yves Dionne has already talked about this phenomenon and the naturopath Daniel Gagnon specifies that his many customers have never reaction with the internal dye.

It's a solar oil to try :)

Recipe :

Muscle anti-inflammatory massage oil

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Based on 2 reviews
Nancy Guillemette La Gaspésienne
Superbe qualité de produits

J’adore tous vos produits spécialement vos hydrolats et plantes.

Bon succès

Line Désilets
millepertuis....apporte la douceur

je mélange 1/2 millepertuis avec 1/2 jojoba application soir et matin pour calmer ma peau sèche et rugueuse dû à l'eczéma....ça fait tellement du bien peau était comme du papier sablé....ça calme cette rugosité......merci la qualité est très intéressante du millepertuis

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