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Sidr organic - Powder 250 g

Product Description
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Aroma-Zone product in 250g format

The SIDR, also called jujube, is used in the Ayurvedic tradition to soothe people of the Pitta and Kapha type. Rich in saponosides and mucilage, the SIDR is an ingredient of choice in plant shampoos in paste. Incorporated into your preparations, it ishes, embellishes and brings volume to the hair. It has the advantage of washing the hair that has been colored (especially with indigo or katam) without disgorging and fixing the color. Rich in mucilage and astringent, this powder is also used in the care of uncomfortable hair leathers and to fight against dandruff.

Inci: Zizyphus jujuba Leaf Powder

Country : India

Skin properties

Astringent And cleaner, it is used to relieve problem skins.
Rich in mucilage and soothing, he calms the skin prone to itching.
In Ayurveda, he Pitta and Kapha appease

Hair Properties

  • Cleaning, SIDR powder associated with other natural powders, Allows to wash hair naturally. It is necessary to add water several times to deeply clean the hair.
  • Shikakai cousin, the Sidr has theadvantage to allow DO NOT DRAIN HAIR HAIR having been colored by mixtures containing in particular'Indigo and katam.
  • He embellish the hair.
  • Astringent and purifying, it helps Relieving hair leathers subject to itching Linked to scalp disease and fight against dandruff.

Precautionary : External use only.

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We advise to consult a health professional before using medicinal plants, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medication.

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