Product Description
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Sizes : 25 g and 100 g

Sericite is a variety of very fine, almost transparent and green reflections mica. Fine and whitish powder.

INCI : Mica (77019)

Origin : Japan

Properties : Adheres to the skin, illuminates the complexion, keeps the colors longer by helping them resist the effects of sebum, covering.

Use : This product can be added directly to the makeup. We recommend wearing the mask and gloves for handling this type of powder. For external use only.

Use : Makeup

Recipe :

Luminous foundation (30 ml)

First pass all the powders with a pestle mortar or the electric mill, then add them neutral basic cream Using a sieve. Mix, kick in Our 30 ml tube and label. You can of course adjust the doses of powders according to the color of your skin.

Other recipe:

Floral body powder

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