Roquette - Carrier oil organic 100 ml

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Size : 100 ml (Aroma-Zone product)

Traditionally used to fight hair loss and stimulate regrowth, virgin rocket oil is ideal for strengthening and beautifying hair. Rich in erucic acid, it brings shine and vigor to hair and softens dry and damaged hair. It is also essential to compose the famous "snake oil", a mixture of vegetable oils much appreciated for hair care, which combines arugula oil with other essential hair oils, such as thecoconut oil and theavocado oil. Find the recipe for snake oil below!

INCI : Eruca Sativa seed oil

Origin : India

Skin properties:

  • Nourishing And softening
  • Silky touch, quite viscous but Non -fatty, quickly penetrates the skin

Hair properties: 

  • Capillary, it is renowned for Stimulate hair growth and fight against their fall
  • Capillary protector, She sheath and nourished a hair, fight against breakage And Fuzzy spikes
  • Brings shine hair

Add a basket to mist sprayer 24-410 to facilitate its pure use.

Simple snake oil

Mix the vegetable oils in a 50 ml bottle (after melting theCarrier oil coconut in a double boiler if necessary). This oil applies on the hair in front-shaped care to stimulate growth and nourish the hair, or as a protective and embellished serum on a daily basis.

Other recipe:

Fortifying pushing (hair mask)


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Based on 1 review

Petite odeur herbacé que j'aime bien. J'ai fait un "onguent" a cheveux et j'en ai ajoute aussi dans mon revitalisant. Bonne qualité prix et efficace.

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