Zinc ricinoleate

Product Description
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Size : 25 g, 100 g or 500 g

Imprison and absorbs the odors created by bacterial decomposition during perspiration. Does not hinder natural perspiration, has neither antifungal property nor antibacterial property and therefore does not intervene with the natural flora of the skin.

Inci: Zinc ricinoleate

Use : Add to the fat or fat phase, ideally 80 degrees C. Concentration: 1.5 to 3%.

Applications: Deodorants.

Analysis certificate and specifications

Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet

Recipe : Bar deodorant / 75 g

11 g beeswax
14 g olive oil
26 g Coconut butter
2 g zinc ricinoleate
60 lemon petrol drops
30 drops of sage loop
22 g baking soda

Heat the wax over low heat, the fats and the zinc casing. Gradually introduce melted products into the baking soda. Mix everything well to prevent lumps from being formed in the preparation. Pour into our 75 g deodorant tube and label. Contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women because of the sage (phyto-isrogenic). Beware of sun exposure because of lemon essence (photosensitizing).


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