PIQUI - Carrier oil 100 ml

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Size : 100 ml (Aroma-Zone product)

Traditionally used in Brazil, this oil with a pleasant fruity perfume is renowned in preparations to control unruly hair and draw the curls. Revitalizing, it makes it possible to compose effective care to fight against stretch marks. Its richness in carotenoids also makes it an excellent anti -aging asset, especially after exposure to the sun.

INCI : Coriaceum caryocar oil

Origin : Brazil

Skin properties:

  • Soothing, it calms sensitive skins and subject to irritation and promotes the process of skin repair
  • Powerful regenerating, it is ideal for prevention or care of stretch marks and scars
  • Rich in antioxidant compounds, like zeaxanthine, a molecule of the carotenoid family which can help to fight against the effects caused by sun exposure and oxidative stress
  • Nourishing and softening, it contains fatty acids that contribute to the "hydration" of the skin.
  • Has a unique and very pleasant suave and fruity smell, which will naturally perfume all your homemade preparations.
  • Thanks to his dry touch, it penetrates easily without leaving a greasy film.

Hair properties:

  • Helps redraw the curls dry hair, curly, curly or frizzy by softening the hair fibers
  • Helps unruly hair and to control frizz
  • Limits breakage hair by facilitating the passage of the brush
  • Nourished Dry tips and brittle hair
  • Embellish and restore shine dull hair
  • Wonderfully perfume All types of hair care

Add a basket to mist sprayer 24-410 to facilitate its pure use.


Complete aroma-zone sheet (in French only)

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