Ponce stone (fine powder) -15%

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The pumice stones are porous volcanic rocks of low density. Fine and white powder. Must be kept away from humidity and light.

Handle with either and wear a mask and gloves

Inci: Pumice Stone Powder

Properties : Sweet exfoliant.

Use : Add as such to the product that we want to make exfoliating.

Average concentration : 5 %

Applications: Exfoliating for the face and body, soaps.

Certificate of Analysis and Safety Data Sheet(English)

Recipe : Body exfoliant / 250 ml
200 g coconut butter
25 g Ghassoul clay
25 g Pierre Ponce powder
Add the Ghassoul clay as well as the coconut pumice powder stone (first heat over low heat to soften it and stir it using an electric mixer to make it creamy). Pour in our jar 250 ml and label.


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