Olivem 1000 - Emulsifying wax

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Olivem 1000 is an emulsifier obtained by combination of sorbitol, cétéarylique alcohol and certain essential fatty acids extracted from olive oil. 100% vegetable. White flakes and soluble undermits in fat, insoluble in water. Olivem 1000 can be used alone to create oil type emulsions in water (non -oily creams of the cosmetic type). Leave a silky touch, ideal for night creams.

Combine the olivem 1000 at theOliwax For better results, a rich and creamy cream, moisturizing and very stable!

To know…

Although Olivem 1000 does not contain palm oil derivative, fatty alcohol from palm oil is used by the manufacturer.

Properties : Emulsifying, thickening, softening, emollient, hydrating, protective. This emulsifier facilitates the dispersion of powders such as zinc oxide (widely used in the manufacture of solar creams), even high percentages.

Uses: Oil emulsions in water

Use : Melt before using it. The quantities used vary depending on whether you want a cream or a lotion (from 2 to 8%). Olivem 1000 creams are easy to make and do not require co-emulsifier. Simply melt with your greasy phase (temperature of 60 ° c) Before mixing in the aqueous phase for about 2 to 5 minutes using a mixing foot. In doing so, you will bring in your product. Finish by mixing by hand to prevent there to be too much air and foam in the final product. You can also mix with an electric mixer. You will get the final texture a few hours later. To speed up the process (get the right texture faster), you can place your pan in a bowl of cold water while mixing.

To bottle, we advise you to sink the cream when it is still hot. Note, however, that air bubbles could accumulate and reduce the volume of your cream a few hours later. You can also bottle it cold using a bag and a cake socket or a plastic bag pierced at a corner.

Recipes :

Muscle relaxing massage gel

Chamomile body cream

Eye contour cream

Face cream

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danielle Rouleau
Autre émulsifiant

Bonjour, je cherche un autre émulsifiant pour ma crème de visage peau mature du type huile dans l'eau.

Bonjour Danielle
Essayer la cire émulsifiante Montanov 202.

Excellent produit

Un très bonproduit pour des emulsions de qualité.

Brigitte G.

C'est l'émulsifiant que je préfère pour mes crèmes. Il s'absorbe bien, ne laisse pas de sensation grasse, sent bon, se conserve bien, facile à utiliser. Pour moi il est juste parfait.


Pour des émulsions stables, facile d'utilisation. Attention à ne pas utiliser avec le conservateur extrait de pépin de pamplemousse car sa fonction pourrait être altérée avec cet émulsifiant.

Johanne Lagacé
connaissance du produit

Utilise depuis longtemps

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