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Size : 15 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml or 250 ml

Olive Squalale is a very popular moisturizer in the cosmetics industry. From a vegetable source, it is made from insaponifiable molecules of olive oil. Squalène is part of the composition of human sebum, which makes squalane easily absorbable by the skin, which with age reduces its natural production.

Squalène oxidizes quickly, but its hydrogenated version "Squalane "becomes a stable and pleasant ingredient for the skin with a long shelf life.

Inci: Squlane

Properties : Penetrates quickly, brings elasticity to the skin. Stimulates water retention (hydrates), smooth wrinkles, softens the skin,minimizes the appearance of cracks,non -comedogenic, protects UV rays and pollutants

Appearance : Clear and colorless liquid

Use : Serum, cream, cuticle treatment, treatments against skin cracks, hair moisturizer for hair, treatment against fork tips. Humidity stabilizer in your formulas, powerful antioxidant to slow down rancid.

Dosage:2% to 70%

(2% to 15% in creams and balms, 30% to 70% in dry oils)

Oil -soluble

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