Oligo'Bronz 10 ml

Product Description
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Size : 10 ml (Aroma-Zone product)

Derived with complexed brown algae with trace elements, this very innovative active is used in "house" care to promote tanning. Studies in vitro show that it can stimulate the synthesis of melanin and increase the number of melanocytes, with or without solar exposure. It also helps to combat damage linked to UV exposure. This asset is incorporated into your after-sun care preparations, your day-to-day day care and self-tanning care and can be coupled with DHA for a more intense color effect on the skin.

INCI : Glycerin, water, hydrolyzed algin, magnesium sulfate, sulfate manganese

Skin properties:

  • Known to strengthen tanning and accelerate its appearance
    • Stimulates the synthesis of melanin, even without exposure to UVs, by fixing itself on the receptors in endothelin
    • Activates tyrosinase, key enzyme of melanin synthesis
    • Increases the number of melanocytes, cells responsible for the production of melanin therefore of the skin coloring
    ... and also
    • Protects fibroblasts from UV -related damage: tests in vitro show that this asset is able to protect cell DNA and cell proteins from degradation during UV irradiation.
    • Fighting sunburn, degraded skin cells after exposure to UV
    • Protective effect on Langerhans cells (cells involved in the immune system) in the epidermis and dermis after exposure to UVA and UVB
    • Compatible with the DHA (Active self -tanning of natural origin) for a more intense coloring without sun

Concentration: 5%

*Water soluble


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