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Maca Vital Liquid 30 ml

Product Description
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Aroma-Zone product in 30 ml format

Extract from Maca roots, the sacred plant of Incas renowned for its revitalizing and fortifying effects, this active is incorporated into your hair preparations to stimulate hair growth and fight against their fall. A study shows that it can improve the stress resistance of hair bulbs. It is very easily incorporated into your compositions of shampoos, creams or capillary lotions.

Incentive : Glycerin, lepidium meyenii Root extract

Skin properties

  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen by keratinocytes, which improves the density of the dermis.
  • Participate in the skin tone : a synthesis of boosted collagen and better cohesion of cells with their environment for more toned, redensified skin.

Hair Properties

  • Stimulates hair growth, by increasing cell multiplication in the hair bulb
  • Fortifies the hairX : the multiplication of cells is increased in the epithelial sheath, which is the nourishing reserve of the hair, at the level of the hair bulb and which allows the development of the hair. A healthy epithelial sheath will therefore give stronger hair.
  • Fight against hair loss :
    • by increasing the resistance of the hair bulb stress factors (pollution, tobacco ...)
    • by increasing collagen density in the scalp support fabric, which improves hair support with a scalp.

Dosage : 1 % to 5 %

* Soluble in water *

Complete aroma-zone sheet


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