Les molécules amusantes Tome 2 (french)

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This second volume The fun molecules is the continuity of volume 1. It has 50 new essential oils and addresses notions slightly advanced for six new very powerful molecular families, always using the same playful approach. The theme of this volume is that of gastronomy, in order to deliver to you the knowledge of the molecules of essential oils on a tray full of humor, good taste, and especially of fun and digestible anecdotal stories which will facilitate learning.
This approach makes it possible to popularize important notions, validated and supported by the many scientific studies that mark out this book. A very particular interest is carried out in the necessary precautionary measures in the use of these six new molecular families, very rich in active molecules. Because their remarkably powerful therapeutic properties require this slight decline imposed by prudence.
My goal is of course to simplify the acquisition of knowledge and to communicate what is necessary for an accessible but also safe use of essential oils. Because, I allow myself to emphasize that I find it preferable to savor the dish of knowledge rather than undergoing that of ignorance ... and disappointment. I now invite you to discover all these new features, in the form of a culinary and aromatic meeting.
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