Kraft tube for lip balm

Product Description
Maximum quantity available reached.

Size tube: 8.5 g or 0.3 oz

Kraft brown cardboard tube, ideal for your lip balms. The tube is large enough to be able to push the platform below the tube with the little finger. Completely biodegradable.

We clean up in our containers! This product will be discontinued once sold. Thank you for your understanding.

Dimension :

  • Internal diameter: 16.7 mm
  • External diameter: 20.5 mm
  • Total height: 73 mm
  • Circumference: 66.5 mm


  • Use a pencil or wand to push the bottom of each tube well before filling them. 
  • Pour your recipe into the tubes. Make sure the temperature does not exceed 60 ° C or 140 ° F. Do not fill up to the top, leave about 10% of the empty tube.
  • When the balm begins to freeze, fill the rest of the tube. Now your recipe can be warmer. Use a Glass dropper To finalize the filling, which will give a curved effect to your lip balm.


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