Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) -20%

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Size : 25 g, 100 g or 250 g

Hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC), equivalent to cellulose gum, a thickening agent from an organic compound and a reaction between an alkali and cellulose.

Description : Light and odorless powder, soluble in water. Gives a clear and variably viscous solution (viscosity from 3400 to 5000 CPS in a 1%solution). Also soluble in a solution containing more than 60% ethanol. Stable in pH of 3 to 10 (pH of 6-8.5 in a 2%solution). Our HEC is a specially modified polymer to allow solubility in water, a non-ionic product obtained by the reaction of ethylene oxide (an organic compound) with an alkali cellulose (product of the action of the action caustic soda on cellulose).

Incentive : Hydroxyylcellulose

Properties : thickening

Use : Add as such to the aqueous or water phase, concentration of 0.5 to 3%.

Applications : shampoos and revitalizing, shower gels, creams and lotions.

Recipe : Mascara

This recipe makes it possible to fill 4 to 5 bottles of 8 ml.

2.8 g (or more) oxides and micas of your choice
1.4 g Carrier oil Choice or vegetable glycerin

4.3 g Candelilla wax
2.8 g beeswax
2.8 g Vegetable emulsifying wax
2.8 g stearic acid

39.7 g Distilled water
1.7 g aloe gel
1.4 g Jojoba oil
1.4 g Vegetable glycerin
0.9 g hydroxyethylcellulose
0.15 g potassium sorbate

1- Prepare the first phase by adding a Carrier oil or vegetable glycerin with oxides and micas to make it a colored paste. Mix well with a mini whisk, until complete homogeneity.

2- In a small saucepan, liquefy phase B (the waxes) over low heat.

3- In a 2e Small pan, heat the distilled water, aloe gel, jojoba oil and glycerin over low heat, then add the potassium sorbate. People hydroxyethylcellulose and put aside.

4- Once the C warm phase and the almost completely liquefied phase B, remove the C phase from the fire and add the hydroxyethylcellulose. Return to the heat until everything is completely liquid.

5- Add the colored dough (a) to phase B (the waxes) and brew vigorously, quickly.

6- Add phase C to the rest and brew. Lumps will form: put everything back on the fire and brew until homogeneity. It can take a few minutes, be patient. Remove from fire and keep brewing.

7- Take the product using a syringe and fill the mascara bottles quickly, while typing them on a hard surface to avoid the accumulation of air. Remember to leave enough space for the brush. Note the wrinkle and close. For best results, let the mascara rest 4 to 5 days before using.


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