Raspberry seeds - unrefined oil

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Unrefined raspberry seed oil

Yellow (refined) oily liquid with dark orange (extra virgin). Green, herbaceous and strong odor (do not confuse with the smell of ranci), dry touch.

Inci: Rubus Idaeus seed oil

Conservation : Rancid oil, keep in the refrigerator

Quality : Unrefined oil

Part : Seeds

Origin : Chile

Properties : Repairing, healing, gives tone to the skin, anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, helps fight the aging of the skin, soothing, attenuates redness and calms irritations and eczema, tones the skin, nourishing, gently prepares the skin To solar exposure (absorbs part of the UVA and UVB rays, thus offering protection in the sun) as in intense cold.

We assign him an FPS around 40 (between 28 and 50)!

Indications: Anti-aging care (wrinkles prevention), creams and lotions for sensitive and damaged skin, regenerating and firming oils for the neck and face, preparatory care in the sun and after-sun.

Solar oil : Add 2% carrot essential oil to this raspberry seed oil. Apply every hour and after swimming.

Recipe : Oil against dry eczema 120 ml
60 ml of raspberry seed oil
60 ml Macerated oil calendula
60 drops of lavender essential oil

Apply if necessary, minimum twice a day for 10 days.



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