Herbarium press with blotting and acid-free cardboard

Product Description
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50 plants herbarium

Material necessary to make a herbarium of 50 different plants.

The herbarium includes:

  • 100 11 x 17 inch thin blotting carboard to absorb the humidity of the plants placed there to dry. Very absorbent!
  • 50 acid-free carboard (so as not to damage the plants stuck there) of 11 x 17 inches to place your dried specimens
  • 1 30.5 x 46 cm herbarium press supplied with two 1 m long belts
  • 1 sticking acid free tape with a length of 9.144 m and a width of 2.5 cm

Additional recommendations:

Cut cardboard boxes 11 x 17 inches to obtain 100 ventilation cards. This will allow a passage of air between the layers and will decrease the drying time.

You will have to get 1 tube of glue which remains transparent after drying, which remains flexible once dried, which dries quickly, which does not contract by drying and which is in the test of water.

Method :

Place your fresh plants between two blotters, then between two ventilation cards. Place everything in the press. Once the plants are dried, glue them using the glue on the boxes without acid. And There you go! A pleasant activity to do solo or family. Ideal for learning the identification of medicinal plants to children.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Idée intéressante! J’aurais besoin plus d’images qui expliquent le concept, possiblement un vidéo aiderait encore plus. Je ne comprends pas votre suggestion de 100 boîtes d’aération??

Bonjour Diane, je vais vous envoyer des images supplémentaire par courriel. Nous suggérons d'ajouter des séparateurs en carton (11x17) préalablement découper provenant d'un boite en carton récupéré par exemple. Cette étape est facultative, mais elle accélère le séchage des plantes.

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