Gum arabic organic

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Sizes : 100 g and 500 g 

Natural gum Mainly harvested in Saharan Africa (exsudat of solidified descending sap extracted from the trunk and the bottom of the trees of the acacias family, named Talha And Hashab in Sudan). It is a edible acid polysaccharide in the form of a mixture of salts potassium, magnesium and calcium (creamy white powder). Soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol.

Acacia is a tree in the Fabaceae family.

INCI : Acacia Gum

Properties : Thickness, emulsifying (oil in water), protective, softening. Arabic gum is also a natural prebiotic, that is to say that it promotes the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Uses: Emulsions, serums, balms and ointments, makeup (mascaras, gel eyeliners), liquid soaps, aqueous extracts

Use : To be added to the aqueous phase

Concentration: From 1 to 10%

Recipe :

Face anti -wrinkle serum (45 ml)

Heat the barbarism fig seed oil over low heat and add the Arabic gum. Mix with a mixing foot to get rid of the gum and obtain a uniform mixture. BUT TO OUR OUR 50 ml bottle with Glass dropper and label. Apply morning and evening to the eye area around the mouth and other places conducive to wrinkles.

Other recipe:

Gel serum at Mallow

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