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Glyceryl Stearate Citrate - Emulsifying wax without palm - New

Product Description
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New emulsifying wax without palm, easy to use cream white color. This wax comes from 100%plant source.

Inci:Glyceyl Stearate Citrate

Country: Germany

Properties:The emulsifier forms stable emulsions with all mineral oils, vegetable oils and esters. This wax well tolerates the active ingredients that are UV and moisturizing properties. Emulsions have good stability if creams contain 20 % to 35 % oily phase and 10 % to 25 % oily phase lotions. Give a white and shredded cream, without white trace to the application.

Emulsion type: Oil in anionic water

Dosage: 4% to 10%                                                                                                             

PH: 5 - 8                                                                                                        

Appearance : mini white granules

Co-Emulsifying Recommend: Cettylic alcohol, Brassica

Use: Facial care, body care, baby product, after -sun products, etc.


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