Vegetal glycerine organic palm

Product Description
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Size : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 l or 4 l

Our glycerin is of vegetable origin without palm, GMO and non -allergen made from flax seeds.

Inci: Glycerin

Properties : Emolliente, moist, softening, antiseptic.

Origin : Indies

Use : Is used as such or in hydro-glyceized extract. To make such an extract, macerate fresh or dried plants in a mixture of source water and vegetable glycerin for one to two months before filtering. You can play with concentrations according to the plant used (eg 50/50 with dried plants, 40% water and 60% glycerin with most fresh plants and 25% water and 75% glycerin with fresh plants that contain a lot water like calendula).

To know more about the manufacture of extract see the workshop

Manufacturing of therapeutic products

Applications: Hydro-glycized extracts, creams and lotions, masks and scrubs, makeup, soaps.

Learn more ...Glycerin is a polyol, more precisely a triol that has three alcohol functions. It is an important component of glycerides (fats and oils) and phospholipids in living organisms. Vegetable glycerin is obtained from hydrolysis of rapeseed oils or coconut oils. It is a rather low solvent to extract the active ingredients from plants, but combined with water It makes it possible to obtain hydro-glycérized extracts (extract water and glycerin keeps). Sirupeux, limpid, very hygroscopic liquid (miscible with water and alcohol) and with sweet taste (glycerin is not however absorbed as a sugar but rather as a fat by the body, there is So no danger for people with sugar disorders such as diabetes.). Conservation: 1 to 2 years, see more.

Receipts : Mask for dry skin

Certificate of Analysis & Safety Data Sheet


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