Fucocert 30 ml

Product Description
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Aroma-Zone product in 30 ml format

Without phenoxyethanol.

Versatile, this active active origin composed of polysaccharides has excellent moisturizing properties*, but also a soothing and restructuring effect proven, while providing a very pleasant softness in the formulas. It also has an interesting anti-aging potential due to its action on the mechanism of sirtuines, true "longevity proteins" of cells. This multifunction asset is also very useful in preparing care for sheathing and beautifying hair.
*Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Incentive : Biosaccharide gum-1

Skin properties

  • Soothing, it is particularly suitable for sensitive, delicate skin and infaling subjects. The soothing effect was confirmed on volunteers after applying an irritant agent.
  • Anti-aging effect : Fucocert® has a stimulating action on epidermal sirtuines, enzymes nicknamed "cellular longevity proteins" due to their important role in skin aging. Their stimulation helps cells repair and protect themselves from oxidative stress, to keep "younger" cells.
  • Stimulates cell renewal, Which helps keep skin visibly "younger"
  • Regenerates the barrier function of the skin, restructuring effect on mature skin or discomfort subject, by activating cellular differentiation
  • Hydrating* in the short term and long -term (effect measured until 8 a.m. after application)
  • Give a soft touch To the formulas, improves the sensory properties of the formulas, gives a soft and sliding touch without whitening effect to the application and without leaving the skin shiny or sticky

Hair properties

  • Gaine damaged hair, smooth the hair scales, filmic effect that remains after rinsing and leaves the hair soft
  • Make the hair more shiny, due to its smoothing effect on hair fiber, which thus better reflects the light

Dosage : 1% to 20%

* Soluble in water *

Complete aroma-zone sheet

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