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Size : 50 ml packaged in a recyclable bag (Aroma-Zone product)

This anti -clip serum is ideal as well in the event of a chronic hair loss, also called androgenic alopecia, and to slow down occasional hair loss caused by stress, food deficiencies, seasonal changes, pregnancy or hormonal upheavals.

Peptides, pea and red clover extracts, this concentrated hair serum consists of a synergy of effective active ingredients to densify and strengthen the hair from the root. Its active cocktail with proven efficiency is targeted to rebalance the life cycle of the hair by lengthening the growth phase and by promoting the anchoring of the hair for thicker, stronger and more resistant hair. Its light and rinsing texture quickly enters the scalp without leaving a greasy or sticky film. Without perfume and allergens, this serum respects the scalp and is suitable for all hair types. A 3 -month cure for hair that finds strength and vitality! 

Properties :

  • Stimulates growth Hair at the root.
  • Rebalances the life cycle hair by extending The growth phase (Anagène phase) existing hair.
  • Improved hair training By providing a higher number of keratinocytes. Result : The hair is longer, thicker and stronger.
  • Promoted the anchoring hair follicles by stimulating the synthesis of adhesion molecules (laminin 5 and collagen IV) for a more resistant hair.
  • Improved Hair regrowth thanks to a best regeneration hair follicle.
  • Densifies, strengthens and restores fully hair vitality.
  • Decreases DHT production (dihydrotestosterone), main factor responsible for baldness.
  • Fight against The occasional fall triggered by an emotional shock, a food deficiency, seasonal changes, hormonal changes, pregnancy ...
  • Brake the chronic fall and hereditary called androgenic alopecia or baldness.

INCI : AquaSalix Nigra Bark Extract (black willow extract), butylene glycol (moist of vegetable origin), isomalt (moist from beet sugar), glycerin (moist), humor) Pisum Sativum Sprout Extract (pea growth extract), Panthenol (provitamin B5), acetyl tetrapeptide-3 (biomimetic peptide of 4 amino acids), Trifolium Pratense Flower extract (red clover extract), Biotinoyl tripeptide-1 (Biotin combined with GHK peptide), hyaluronate sodium (hyaluronic acid), Levulinic ACID (antibacterial of natural origin), levulate sodium (antibacterial of natural origin), hydroxide sodium (pH adjustr), Phytic Acid (Sequestant), Dextran (Humectant of natural origin)

Use :

  • Apply one to two droppers On the entire dry scalp once a day, in the morning or in the evening. Do not rinse. Carry out a 3 -month cure to optimize the efficiency of this serum. A 50 ml bottle corresponds to approximately 1 to 2 months of treatment depending on the applied dose.
  • Using a comb or your fingers, separate the hair in 4 to 6 sections and apply a few drops of serum directly on the entire scalp.
  • The equivalent of 1 to 2droppers Sufficient for an application on the entire scalp. For fine hair, we recommend the equivalent of a Glass dropper. For thick hair, we recommend the equivalent of two droppers.
  • Massage in circular movements, a few minutes, the entire scalp until the serum is total penetration.


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