Odor hay - QC quality hydrosol

Product Description
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Size : 120 ml, 250 ml or 500 ml

Distilled by a woman passionate in Gaspé.High quality aromatic hydrosol distilled from  organic. Done with source water boosted by slow distillation. Pure 100%, Lhe aromatic, volatile and water -soluble active ingredients of the full plant are contained; Since the distilled essential oils are not taken, so they are found in the hydrosol.

Inci: Odorata Odorata 

Parts: Grass

Origin : Canada (Quebec)


An enigmatic and purifying hydrosol. A grass that is naturally found in the river battures has a captivating fragrance. The plant has been used in First Nations for a long time as part of a purification ritual

Therapeutic indications : 

In cosmetics:


This product does not have an analysis certificate or specification, it is an artisanal manufacturing product made here in Quebec.


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