Flowers on your plate

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By Nathalie Beaudoin, herbalist, food consultant and culinary florist

Preface by Anny Schneider

The flowers are not only decorative, they also have gastronomic assets and incomparable virtues for health. How about spring rolls with "thousand petals"? Hemérocallas stuffed with shrimp foam? Unless you are tempted by roasted salmon with thyme flowers and, to conclude your menu, with cupcakes with geranium flowers?

This guide is a beautiful bouquet of tips that will help you cultivate your edible flowers in order to obtain a healthy and pesticide harvest. It identifies the Parts edible of more than 250 flowers that can be cultivated or harvested in our fields and forests.

The best flower and dishes agreements are also offered through amazing recipes. Flower meals are summer summer on your plates!


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