Buriti - Carrier oil 100 ml

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Size : 100 ml Aroma-Zone product

A real concentrate of carotenoids, this oil is the ideal ingredient to prepare and prolong the tan. Its richness in antioxidants is an asset to combat damage linked to free radicals. Very emollient and moisturizing, it has an orange color that will illuminate your complexion and color your preparations and soaps.Very orange liquid (rich in carotenoids), characteristic odor, moderately fatty touch.

Conservation : Stable oil, keeps at room temperature.
Quality : VirginFirst cold pressure, without any chemical treatment, cosmetic quality.

Part : Fruit pulp

Country : Brazil

INCI : Mauritia Flexuosa Or Mauritia Vinifera oil

Skin properties

  • Rich in antioxidants, it promotes the Sun tanning and helps prevent sun damage.
  • Light oil, it brings a good -looking effect.
  • Compound antioxidants, it fights against free radicals and signs of skin aging.
  • Emolient, it nourishes the skin and helps it fight against dehydration.
  • Colorful, she gives a pretty orange color to preparations.

Hair properties

  • Warns it dehydration hair.
  • Revitalize and gives back glow And vigor with damaged hair.
  • Protects them hair colors and prolong their shine.

Add to your basket a mist sprayer 24-410 for facilitating its pure use.

Documentation in French only

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