Extra virgin Coconut organic oil fairtrade

Product Description
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Sizes : 1 kg and 3 kg

Butter / extra virgin coconut oil, organic and fair. Fluid or solid oily liquid depending on the temperature, white in color. Characteristic aroma of coconut, touching fairly dry. Certified organic by the producer (USDA organic).

INCI : Cocos Nucifera oil
Quality :
Oil obtained by cold pressure, extra virgin

Part : Nucleus (nuts)

Origin : Philippines

Properties : First "moisturizing", it can then become drying for the skin. Dry, damaged, chapped, crewless and coarse skins. Lack of elasticity. Curly, curly, dry, soft and dull hair, forked tips, lice.

Uses: Massage butters, bodily exfoliating, emulsions, lip balms, deodorants. Particularly useful in the manufacture of soaps, because it makes foam.

Conservation : Stable oil, stored at room temperature

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Higher price to encourage fair trade.


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