Mango - Ultra refined butter

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Butter Mango ultra -refined

Slightly tender butter at room temperature, oily beyond 35 degrees C. White color, imperceptible smell and rich and melting touch.

Inci: Mangifera Indica

Conservation : Stable butter, keeps at room temperature. Keeps up to one years.

Properties : Hydrating, emollient. Ideal for babies, dry, devitalized, dehydrated skin, mature skin with dry tendency, relaxed skins. Long, dry, brittle, damaged, dimple, frizzy and forks.

Indications: Massage beurres, body exfoliating, emulsions, soaps, lip balms, deodorants.


Hydrating lip balm with light UV / 4 g protection
0.8 g beeswax
0.8 g Cocoa butter
1.6 g butter Mango
0.8 g oleic extract-Beauty from St. John's wort
Melt all the ingredients in a saucepan, then double in our tube for lip balm 4 g and label. Tips: 1- To get a curved finished, pour a first layer to the rod and let hardly harden before adding a 2nd layer to fill your tube. This will avoid having a hole in your lip balm. 2- If you decide to place your lip balm in the refrigerator to harden it faster, wait a bit before turning the roulette when you take it out. It will then be very hard and it could break the roulette.

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