Anti-capitons 30 ml (anti-cellulite)

Product Description
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Size : 30 ml (Aroma-Zone product)

This concentrated extract of algae from the corallinaceae family has a proven action on cellulite: by boosting the synthesis of aquaporins, channels which play a role in the energy balance of cells, it helps to reactivate lipolysis in adipocytes, struggle Against fat storage and promotes restructuring and firming of the skin, thus visibly decreasing the "capitons" appearance. A high -tech active ingredient to do your slimming care!

INCI : Glycerin, aqua, Jania Rubens extract

Properties : 

  • Helps reactivate lipolysis in adipocytes, By increasing the synthesis of aquaporins, channels present in cellular membranes and essential to the good metabolism of cells
  • Helps reactivate collagen synthesis in fibroblasts, by the same mechanism of aquaporins, which improves the state of the skin, His skin tone
  • Help to brake the invasion of the dermis by the adipocytes, characteristics of cellulite
  • Effet redensifying, the skin is more toned
  • Promotes decrease of the appearance of the "orange peel" 
  • Helps prevent the formation of "orange peel" By increasing the expression of adiponectin, a protein that modulates catabolism (destruction) of fatty acids and expansion of adipose tissue
  • Participate in mitigating fat storage by reducing the synthesis of fatty acids by adipocytes

Concentration: 2%

*Water soluble


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