Aloe organic (juice) - powder

Product Description
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Latin name: Aloe Barbadensis

Part : Leaf without fibers

Country : Mexico, United States

Size : 25 g, 100 g and 454 g (1lb)

Attention ! This product must remain dry otherwise it will agglomerate.

In cosmetics : This powder is used as a humective, to promote the hydration of the skin and the hair. It soothes sensitive skin and hydrates dry hair.

Properties : Moist, soothing, healing, moisturizing, softening

Use : Cream, serum, shampoo or any other product that contains an aqueous phase.

You should dilute the aloe powder in your aqueous phase according to the desired concentration. A 10% dosage gives a dark yellow liquid aloe juice.

Water -soluble

To know...

The manufacture of this powder is made from the leaf of the barbadensis aole which is crushed and filtered with its pulp and its fibers. The juice is heated to obtain a 100x larger concentration than aloe juice. It is then filtered again, dried and pulverized.

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