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Our lactic acid is 88% concentrated (mixture of lactic acid and lactic acid lactate). It is an alpha-hydroxyle acid (acid derived from fruit sugars) obtained by fermentation of corn glucose (non-GMO). Clear yellow liquid, almost odorless, viscous, soluble in water, insoluble in oil. Keep out of humidity and light.

Incentive : Lactic Acid

Properties : Astringent, moisturizing. Improves the appearance of damaged skin by eliminating dead skin, promoting the production of collagen and restaurants the flexibility of the skin. Helps reduce the pH of too alkaline products and makes the hair shine.

Use : Use as such, it is added to the drop according to the desired final pH. Do not apply pure to the skin. Irritates the eyes. We recommend that you wear gloves and protective glasses when you handle this product. For external use only.

Dosage: 1 % to 5 %

PH : 0,6

Applications: Shower gels, shampoos and revitalizing, cleaning and exfoliating milks, creams and lotions.

Recipe : Body lotion / 1 L
600 g aloe gel
100 g Hydro-Glyceized Chamomile Extract
35 g Emulsifying vegetable wax (Polarwax)
50 g Oléic calean extract of Calendula
50 g lactic acid
A pinch of potassium sorbate
50 Benzoin dye drops
5 vitamin E drops

Heat the first two ingredients over low heat. In a 2e Papon, heat the fatty phase over low heat. Add the potassium sorbate to the aqueous phase. Bring the two phases to about 40 degrees C then add the water to the fats, stirring with an electric mixer for 2-3 minutes. Add the Benzoin dye, vitamin E and lactic acid. BUT TO A jar Masson (jar In glass for canned) of 1 l, label and keep cool. Serve if necessary and add essential oils to choose from.

* See our specialized courses to understand the manufacture of emulsions.


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