Vitamin E USP - Antioxidant

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Size : 50 ml, 100ml, 250 ml or 500 ml

Size wholesaler:1L or 4 L *Delivery overweight costs can be applied.

It is an antioxidant and not a preservative!

Product used to delay fatting fat and increase the lifespan of cosmetic products with an oily phase.

Description : Brown, thick, sticky liquid. Smell of fish because of theCarrier oil (But as this product is used in small quantities, the aroma does not persist in the final product).

Origin : 100 % vegetable


Solubility : Insoluble in water, soluble in fats and alcohol.

Vitamin E contains several compounds including the one that interests us most, alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E at 200 IU / G means that it contains 200 units of alpha tocopherol per g of oil, the rest being other compounds in indefinite quantities (Beta, Delta, etc.). This vitamin has 500 IU minimum, it is cosmetic grade and is sufficient for the manufacture of cosmetic products and more affordable than the more concentrated vitamins.

Properties : Antioxidant

Use : Add at the end of the formulation (do not heat up unnecessarily).

Concentration : 0.5 to 30 %

Use as an antioxidant to slow down rancid use 0.5 % to 2 % while for antioxidant skin use use a dosage of 2 % to 30 %.

Recipe : Basic cream / About 500 ml

325 g aloe gel
75 g hydrosol of your choice
35 g olivem 1000
50 g Macerated oil a choice
A pinch of potassium sorbate (maximum 0.3%)
50 Benzoin dye drops
5 vitamin E drops

Heat the first two ingredients over low heat. In a 2nd saucepan, heat everything else over low heat. Add the potassium sorbate to the aqueous phase. Bring the two phases to about 40 degrees C then add the water to the fats, stirring with an electric mixer for 2-3 minutes. Add the Benzoin dye and vitamin E. Built in a jar Masson (jar In glass for canned) 500 ml, label and keep cool. Serve if necessary and add essential oils to choose from.

Certificate of Analysis & Safety Data Sheet

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