Our vegetable oils are, with some exceptions, extracted from the seeds and nuclei from the plants by first cold pressure. Our supplier does business directly with small producers to ensure the purity of products and practice fair trade. We offer you organic certified oils and others not certified but natural, without herbicide or pesticide.


The packaging is made in bottles of amber PET plastic for Sizes 250 ml and more. Otherwise the oils are bottled in amber glass bottles for Sizes 100 ml and less. These bottles are reusable and recyclable. We also use labels that are easy to remove. *Exception of the 100 ml bottles bottled by Aroma-Zone which are made of plastics.

VS plastic glass

PET AMBRÉ plastic does not alter the quality of the products (no residue, good protection against light).

The glass is unfortunately heavy and brittle. It requires more protective packaging and more gasoline for transport (weight). Its manufacture and recycling requires a staggering amount of energy (intense heat).

The plastic is far from perfect, we simply see that glass also has its limits and disadvantages.

We strongly suggest reusing your plastic bottles, then recycling them as a last resort.

Vegetal oils

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