Beauty mix (Mallow-Rose-Calendula) -QC quality 25 g

Product Description
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Size : 25 g 

INCI : Malva moschata Flower, Calendula officinalis Flower, Rosa centifolia flower

The beauty mixture is made up of dried flowers from Quebec. Our three most beautiful dried flowers mixed together to form a combination of perfect properties and colors. 

Cosmetic properties : There Mallow is used to treat the skin in case of cystitis, for example. There rose is rich in vitamin C and integumentary tonic. It promotes the regeneration of skin cells and is excellent for the complexion. THE calendula is a medicinal plant specializing in the skin. It modulates inflammation, is antiseptic, healing and calming mucous membranes in general.

Use : In decoction, infusion, compress or maceration

To know...

The importance of local purchase! Medicinal plants cultivated in Quebec are more expensive, but the quality is exceptional. Our herbalists make them dry whole (with some exceptions), in the rules of the art. The plants are cultivated here and do not have to travel (polluting transport) from a distance to your home. In addition, they are always freshly dried. Paying a little more to encourage our producers from here, it's worth the investment!


When you take internal plants for specific health problems, we strongly advise you to consult a therapist herbalist to obtain a health assessment, personalized, safe and efficient treatment, then follow -up.

You can contact Marie-Christine Vallières, herbalist, at To make an appointment for a private consultation in videoconference ($ 80).

Information on this website has not been evaluated by Health Canada and does not replace the opinion of a healthcare professionals. She is only informative.

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