The Impact of Beeswax on Skin Health

The Impact of Beeswax on Skin Health

The bee wax, this hive treasure, has long been dear for its multiple uses in skin care. With nourishing, protective and moisturizing properties, beeswax is a versatile natural ingredient that deserves a special place in your care routine. To souls flowers we offer you a beeswax organic and 100% Quebec from exceptional quality. The following highlights the wonders of beeswax and its impact on the health and beauty of the skin.

First of all, here are some notions on the practices of an ethical harvest for beekeepers, such as our supplier of beeswax of Quebec.

  1. Conservation of the colony: Beekeepers make sure that the harvest of beeswax does not have a negative impact on the health and survival of the colony. They must not take too much wax at a time and ensure that the colony still has a Quantity sufficient wax to build and maintain its rays. 
  2. Use of non -intrusive methods: They have harvesting techniques that minimize stress and disturbances for bees. For example, certain methods make it possible to harvest the wax without damaging the shelves or excessively disturbing the bees.
  3. Environmental Protection: They ensure that the harvest of beeswax has no harmful consequences on the natural environment of bees. This implies not using harmful chemicals in the harvesting process and ensuring that the surrounding agricultural practices are respectful of pollinators.
  4. Resource equitable sharing: Beekeepers must commit to sharing the benefits of wax harvesting fairly with bees and investing in the health and well-being of the colonies. This may include the supply of additional food sources during periods of scarcity or replacement of the wax taken by fresh wax frames.


The benefits of beeswax for the skin


  1. Deep hydration: There beeswax Forms a protective barrier on the skin, helping to remember humidity and prevent dehydration. This makes it a precious ally for dry and dehydrated skin.

  2. Nourishing and soothing: Thanks to its emollient properties, the beeswax helps soften and feed the skin in depth. It is particularly beneficial to appease irritated and sensitive skin.

  3. Protection against external attackers: By forming a protective layer on the skin, beeswax helps prevent damage caused by environmental factors such as wind, cold and pollution.

  4. Anti-inflammatory action: There beeswax has anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm skin irritations and redness, making it an ideal ingredient for skin subject to inflammation and allergic reactions.

  5. Rich and creamy texture: In skin care products, beeswax Often contributes to a rich and creamy texture, offering a luxurious sensory experience during the application.


Its use in cosmetics


Lip balms: Lip balms based on beeswax are essentials to keep the lips soft, hydrated and protected against external aggressions.

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Moisturizing creams: Face and body creams containing beeswax offer intense hydration and prolonged protection, leaving the skin flexible and nourished.

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The ointments: For very dry or damaged skin, ointments based on beeswax can help restore the skin barrier and promote healing.


Recipe : Healing ointment

Products used in an ointment: Lanolin, oleic extract


The candles: Made from a natural and renewable product, this makes it an environmentally friendly choice. Unlike conventional paraffin candles, which can generate toxic chemicals when they burn, candlelles with bees are burn properly, without emitting harmful substances.

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The beeswax is much more than a simple product of the hive; It is a natural treasure that offers a multitude of skin benefits. By integrating it into your care routine, you can take advantage of its moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties to obtain bright health and beauty skin, all thanks to the magic of nature. 


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