Vegetable conditioner wax - Emulsifying 50 g

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Size : 50 g (Aroma-Zone product) 

Of vegetable and biodegradable origin, this ecological capillary conditioner is used as an emulsifier to make conditioner creams, masks and hair care. Excellent alternative to the BTMS, it facilitates disentangling, prevents the formation of forks and strengthens the hair.

Studies show that it significantly decreases hair breakage and improves volume. In addition, it effectively sheaths damaged or chemically treated hair and decreases their porosity, which helps maintain hydration, softness and shine. The plant conditioner is non -irritating and very respectful of the natural skin balance.

INCI : Cetearyl Alcohol, Lecithin, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Vegetable Oil

Properties : 

  • Self -emulsifying : allows you to Stable emulsions Without the need for co-emulsifying or stabilizing.
  • Capillary : improves the touch and the appearance of the hair, Facilitates disentangling Both on wet and dry hair.
  • Gives volume with fine and dishes, gives spring and body to hair.
  • Decreases the breakage hair when styling and Reduces the formation of fork tips.
  • Improves hair touch, makes them soft And silky, Without suffocating them.
  • Restore hydrophobicity Hair treated chemically or very damaged, which have become porous and permeable, which improves their hydration, touch and appearance.
  • Protects from drying out, Frisottis and the "straw" effect.
  • Good firing, does not say the hair.
  • Decreases electrostatic load hair.
  • Non -irritating, respects the natural cutaneous microbial flora, unlike certain cationic capillary conditioners.

Concentration: From 5% to 10%


Complete aroma-zone sheet (French)


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Juste wow 👌🏿

Mélanie V

Il rend mon revitalisant crémeux et mes cheveux vraiment disciplinés ♥️

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