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Xanthan gum

Product Description
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INCI: Xanthan gum

Format: 500 g or 1 kg

Wholesale format: 25 kg a quote will be sent to you by email

For a smaller format see xanthan gum clear grade.

Natural gum produced from a bacterium, Xanthomas campestris, and composed of pure polysaccharides, natural sugars consisting of glucose, mannose and glucuronic acid. White powder, odorless, soluble in hot or cold water, more than 98% pure. The particle size is 80 MESH.

Properties: Binding agent, promotes viscosity, foam and volume, stabilizes emulsions, lubricant, suspending agent, thickener.

Use: It is advisable to rehydrate it a little so that it mixes more easily. Dissolve in hot water. Concentration: 0.5 to 2%.

Incompatible with PPE.

Applications: Shampoos, conditioners, creams and lotions, shower gels, jams and jellies.


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