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Xanthan gum

Product Description
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Inci: Xanthan Gum

Size : 100 g, 500 g or 1 kg

Size wholesaler25 kg: *** costs of $ 20 apply for delivery ***

Natural gum produced from a bacteria, Xanthomas Campestris, and made up of pure polysaccharides, natural sugars made up of glucose, mannosis and glucuronic acid. White powder, odorless, soluble in hot or cold water, pure at more than 98%.

Properties : Binder, promotes viscosity, foam and volume, stabilizes emulsions, lubricating, thickening suspension agent.

Use : It is advisable to rehydrate it somewhat so that it mixes more easily. Dissolve in hot water. Concentration: 0.5 to 2%.

Incompatible with the EPP.

Applications: Shampoos, revitalizing, creams and lotions, shower gels, jams and frosts.

Recipe: shower gel / 150 ml
145 ml Neutral liquid soap
3 g xanthane gum
Add the xanthan gum to your neutral liquid soap to add texture to it. Add essential oils to choose from if desired, switch to our 150 ml bottle with pouring cap, then label.


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