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Apple cider vinegar organic QC quality

Product Description
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Size : 1L or 4L

Cider vinegar 9% certified organic, not filtered and not pasteurized.

Apple cider vinegar is a solvent with extraordinary virtues which makes it possible to extract numbers of active ingredients from medicinal plants, particularly mineralizing plants such as oats, red clover, nettle or raspberry. It is also very popular in the manufacture of cosmetics. Brownish fluid, pronounced aroma of vinegar.

Inci: Cider Vinegar

Origin : Canada (Quebec)

Properties : Mineralizing, nourishing, tonic, calming, digestive, detangling and lustrating for hair, astringent. It promotes good blood circulation and good blood pH in addition to reducing fat and cholesterol in the body. He attenuates the itching, then calms the headache (diluted in hot water, in inhalation) and throat (in gargling).

Use : Can be used as such or diluted in water. Internal and external uses. To make a vinegar extract, macerate fresh plants in apple cider vinegar for a month before filtering. Prefer this vinegar for plant maceration with hormonal aims.

Applications: Vinegrated extracts-beautés, hair care, tonic lotions for the face and body, household products.

Conservation : several years.

Recipe : Hair care for blond hair / 150 ml
15 ml apple cider vinegar
135 ml Chamomile infusion
Mix the apple cider vinegar and the chamomile infusion, double in our 150 ml bottle with vaporizer and label. Spray on dry hair every day for more breaded wicks and lighter hair.



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