Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate

Product Description
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Product of the company Aroma Zone

Size: 100 ml

The sarcosinat lauroyl sodium is a hydrosoluble liquid (clear) surfactant with a good foaming power.

INCI : Sarcosinat lauroyl sodium

Comparative table of surfactants

Origin : Obtained from a natural fatty acid (from coconut oil) and an amino acid (sarcosine)

It improves the start and stability of the foam and provides creamy touch to shower and shampoos formulas. At acidic pH, it has the interesting property of thickening mixtures, which makes it very useful in formulation, especially for shampoos or other acid preparations (pH 4.5 - 5.5). It is also highly appreciated in the formulation of toothpaste. It is 30% concentrated

Dosage : 1% to 30%

  • 3 to 15% in shampoos
  • 5 to 30% in shower products and body cleaner or hands
  • 10 to 50% in foaming baths
  • 5 to 20% in Face cleansing gels and rinsed makeup remover products
  • 1 to 5% in toothpaste
  • 1 to 7% in shaving foams
  • 0.1 to 1% in styling foams

Dental care :

This surfactant is ideal in toothpaste because it helps to prevent dental caries by inhibiting hexokinase, the enzyme involved in glycolysis which contributes to the formation of cavities, the transformation of glucose into lactic acid.

It's clear....

It is 1-3 on the side by the EWG's Skin Deep. It is suspected of being toxic to the environment. We suggest using very small quantities.

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